What is Life, Relationship, Wellness & Well-being Coaching and why would I need it?

The reasons to engage with a Life, Relationship, Wellness or Well-being coach is to have someone to support you in achieving your Life, Relationship, Well-being or Wellness goals – because you may not feel able to achieve these on your own or you have tried and cannot make headway. TOGETHER we focus on a practical action plan that you can work with in successfully achieving your well-being and wellness GOALS.

The objective of the coaching is to enable Clients to make sustainable changes in self-understanding, self-concepts, and behaviors.

A Coach INSPIRES and ENABLES  clients for them to learn, grow, and develop – to change their own reality.

Indications of needing a Life, Relationship, Wellness or Well-being coach:

  • Not feeling inspired or motivated in life or work.

  • Limiting Self beliefs.

  • Stress that is affecting you spiritually, physically, emotionally or mentally.

  • A feeling of stuckness/inertia related to any aspect of life.

  • Feeling confused or anxious about a situation or event.

  • Feeling unhappy or uncertain in a relationship at work or in your personal life

  • Work-Personal life balance

  • Not feeling good about your body and how you look

  • etc.

Coaching is a collaborative, powerful partnership – each of us has a role to play in the relationship on our journey together

What is your role as Client?

To be honest and be ready to take accountability and responsibility for what it is you want to change in your life.

Ensure that what you choose as your goals are inspiring and motivational for you – it has to be important enough to make you want to put in the effort and see it through when the going may get tough.
It is up to you to make the choices and decisions that will change your reality and then to follow-through on the commitments that you make in the coaching sessions.

Some things you may want to consider in terms of your goals:

  • If I was in a great place right now in terms of the challenge or issue I face (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental) – what would that look like and feel like?
  • Why is this so important to me – why does it really matter?
  • Why is it important for me now?
  • What actions will I need to take to achieve this vision?
  • What will motivate me to keep taking action and sustain my vision?
  • How confident am I that I will achieve this vision?
  • How committed am I to achieving my vision?
  • What obstacles will I need to overcome to stay in action?
  • What strategies will I use to overcome my obstacles?
  • In what ways will my life and relationships be enhanced by achieving my vision?
  • What single step am I committed to taking today to begin walking towards my vision?

What is the coach’s role ?

The Coach provides the structure, accountability, expertise, and inspiration to enable you as the client to learn, grow, and develop beyond what you are able to do alone.

You will be supported in the sessions to have the breakthroughs and realisations that are needed to move you into action – to enable you to put a practical, powerful plan of action in place that supports you achieving the goals that are so important to you changing your life experiences and reality.

Most importantly the Coach will stretch you and hold you accountable for meeting your commitments that will enable you to achieve success. It is the Coach’s job to ask the tough questions that will have you exploring your deepest motivations for change, finally connecting your heart and head.

What to expect in the Session:

The Coach may use a variety of psychological behavioural and change tools and assessments to empower clients to take charge, connect with their deepest motivators, and learn how to grow and change.

Coaching sessions will be scheduled weekly or as needed and may happen via skype, telephone or in person for the duration required to help clients clarify where they want to go, and work with them to get there.

Typically a session involves 3 steps that the Coach and Client work through together in the partnership i.e. we each show up and play our part

  • identify the issue/challenge/goal – the “space” you’re in
  • understand why the “stuckness” is occurring, how you experience it and what the consequences are
  • decide what it is you want, what experience do you seek – what’s the goal?
  • why is it so important to you and what will it bring/change for you?
  • how do you get there? where’s the map? what’s the game plan?
  • What are the obstacles or roadblocks that may prevent you achieving the goal?
  • What or who do you need to enable you to achieve the goal?
  • what are the next steps for you?
  • what are you committing to put into action until our next session?