What is the Team Health Check and Change Impact Assessment?

  • An Opinion Survey that is designed to create objective discussions about team performance.
  • A Team Wellness and Wellbeing Survey that provides measurable and repeatable indicators of team performance and wellbeing. It enables leaders to identify the most important changes necessary in the way teams work that can result in higher levels of performance. Will enable the creation of a plan of action for how the team can make immediate improvements.
    • A snapshot view to enable leaders to get a feel of how well teams are working at the moment – identifies the areas they would need to address to up team performance to the desired level.
    • A measurement of the PULSE of a team – As human beings knowledge about our heart rate can help us monitor our fitness levels— and may even help us spot developing health problems. So too, knowing a team’s pulse rate provides an important health gauge. Pulse indicators from this survey may signify a condition/s that needs to be addressed
    • A method of analysing team effectiveness and wellbeing – through a process of collaborative consultation we assist organisational leaders in addressing any gaps in performance by co-designing solutions or proposing corrective interventions customised and aligned to the organisational culture and needs
    • A safe space for each team member to express and contribute their viewpoint and perspectives
    • NEUROSCIENCE approach- 5 Social Domain Factors (David Rock) are identified that activate the reward or threat response in individuals and their teams
    • Provides Awareness of teams’ factors causing “threat/away” vs “reward/toward” responses in the individuals.
    • Insight is given to strengths, weaknesses, barriers to success– this demonstrates and illustrates practically the Current Reality that is being experienced by a team

    How does the THC SUPPORT ORGANISATIONAL effectiveness and success?

    • Creates an awareness of the STRENGTHS of the respective teams and what needs to change in each.

    • Creates a common understanding of what high performance teams look like and HOW TEAMS ARE SEEN by others in the organisation.

    • Identifies the most IMPORTANT CHANGES that could be considered in the way the team’s work, that may result in higher levels of performance.
    • Supports creation of a PLAN OF ACTION and CORRECTIVE INTERVENTIONS for immediate team improvements.
    • Provides a DASHBOARD VIEW of how PEOPLE are FEELING – their perception is their reality!