Why consider Healing Energy Work?

Compensating Behaviour

Private beliefs and strategies are created by each individual in childhood.

Each person’s develops attitudes, behaviours, and one’s private view of self, others, and the world as coping mechanisms. It is when we start to become aware of  and look at our early life experiences, noticing the patterns of behaviour that repeat themselves in our lives, and the methods by which we go about trying to gain significance and belonging that healing, growth, and change occur.

Kehful – Re-Energyneering


Is a state of being that is unique to each of us and corresponds to our true identity . It gives us a perspective or philosophy from where we see and interact with the world as only we in our own way can. In that state, we experience a sense of purpose, peace and truth that gives meaning and structure to our life. Our life is constantly reflecting our alignment to Kehful. Our Kehful perspective evolves constantly.

When we are at peace and centered regardless of the events of life, we are more in flow and trusting of Universal Synchronicity of Life.

When things are difficult and cause distress or difficulty to respond, we are touching areas that require re-evaluation, that are showing us that we  would benefit from some readjustment.

The Kehful Practitioner offers assistance towards finding and maintaining a Kehful space.

Synchronicity and Flow

Carl Jung defined Synchronicity as “meaningful coincidence that cannot be explained by cause and effect.” He believed synchronicity to be the dynamic interrelationship between our consciousness and the outer world.

When you’re in Flow obstacles dissolve and the details of your life fall into place harmoniously, fortuitously and with ease. There is no need to push, because whatever is necessary, opportunities, work, people, appear in perfect order and at the perfect time. The key to being in flow resides within your inner state of being. Your thoughts, perceptions and feelings create an energy field that attracts to you events within the same vibrational range. Depending on the quality of your thoughts, you can either open, or block the flow of wholeness, harmony and synchronicity. As you align your consciousness with all that is positive and supportive in the world, you open to the great universal flow of harmony that carries you forward into the life you were meant to live

Symptoms of imbalance

  • fear and anxiety
    • trying to control things (unable to trust in the Universal Flow and Synchronicity)

    What can Kehful help with?

    The reasons to engage can be any area of life that is in difficulty: self, relationships, business, conflict, home, life changes…  Any situation that is causing difficulty or unease or where you notice you are unable to hold your space.

    What to expect in the Session:

    A session involves 3 steps

    Identify and Connect with Current Reality and Experience – connect to what is happening in life by explaining and exploring the reason for requesting assistance. Connect with and recognise your current space – what are your FEELINGS and EXPERIENCE (fears, emotions, physical sensations, etc.) in the current moment that is causing you to lose your space?
    Identify the Desired Reality – identify the experience or feeling that would prevail if the disturbances/imbalances were resolved. This provides a meaningful direction to move on at this stage i.e. what would you LIKE to EXPERIENCE instead of the current space you are in?
    Re-Energyneering – working with your energy through the Kehful process – connections and associations that have been established in dealing with life events that often show up as compensating behaviours, are reorganised. Through Re-Energyneering, Re-Patterning and healing, a new supportive reality and experience is now created for you that enables you to hold your space and stand in your truth and power.

    Duration:                    Approximately 60 minutes.


    • In person- face to face
    • Telephone
    • Skype

    Expected results

    • Generally a sense of peace and purpose making life more meaningful and satisfying.
    • Health is seen here as an “ability to respond” on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes.
    • When the physical, emotional and spiritual planes work together, life becomes easier.
    • We feel better in ourselves, our body, relationships, family, work, projects, home, etc.
    • Things are easier to deal with and more satisfying.
    • A more integrated sense of self emerges.
    • There are no prescriptions on session frequency. Each are independent stand-alone sessions
    • The choice of how, when and how often to engage is left to the client –when a pattern is recognised of an experience of unease or anxiety occurs related to a particular situation or person – this generally indicates something is ready to shift that no longer serves you – this we can then work with in terms of repatterning

    Kehful Practitioner:  Sav Pierre-Eugene (trained and mentored by – Eric Pannaye)