As a High Performance Coach I apply Brain Based and Consciousness Coaching methodologies and processes to create positive shifts in  individuals and teams.

During the Coaching Journey I  may also make use of a variety of  behavioural and  change tools and assessments to empower clients to take charge, connect with their core motivators, and learn how to grow and change. By creating insight and awareness into fears and motivators, strengths and weaknesses, communication and work styles-  we together achieve breakthroughs and realisations that are needed to move individuals and teams into action.

Creation of practical plans of action are enabled that support achievement of individual and team goals which are so important for changing current experiences and creating new, more positive, inspiring and successful realities.

Most importantly as Coach I hold clients accountable and stretch each individual- asking tough questions and exploring motivations for change – in order to bring a connection in heart head and hands that supports achievements and success.

As an Executive and Corporate Coach I work with corporate executives,  managers and individuals to help them improve business performance, leadership skills, interpersonal or communication skills, and better manage stress and change.

For a Coaching journey with Leaders or Individuals I aim for :

  • focus of self and team on what is essential in achieving goals
  • self and team staying motivated and engaged during highs and lows
  • ability to have important difficult or uncomfortable conversations
  • awareness of limiting beliefs, communication and work styles
  • being responsible, accountable and self-sufficient individuals and teams that take initiative
  • ability to navigate and lead their people through change and turmoil
  • flow, movement and action from a place of experiencing “stuckness”
Effective communication is a key driver of team performance and enables healthy, engaged, high-performing teams.
The focus of team coaching is predominantly on interpersonal skills and interactions and having team members understand how they relate to one another. For them to “get” how each has a different, thinking, working and feeling style and how each behaves in conflict situations. By understanding diverse perspectives and styles of engagement they are supported in relating to one another more effectively while at the same time being more tolerant and accepting of others who may have different approaches that may be appropriate for different situations. They begin to understand and see how they can encourage collaboration and buy-in from each other and stakeholders

For a Team embarking on a High Performance Coaching journey I aim for enabling:

  • moving from a place of inertia in to action through collaboration and co-creation for the individuals and team
  • creating a framework which enables participative and empowering leadership styles
  • supporting adaptation and resilience to change
  • building trust, understanding and tolerance within teams
  • providing a framework for handling and making sense of team conflicts and challenges
  • improving connectedness and cohesion within the team
  • bringing together the head, heart and hands for powerful results orientated teams
  • creating a common language and sense-making framework for navigating team phases

When coaching a Team it is my preference that team managers and team members be profiled via the Integrative Enneagram in order to obtain a view of the Team’s Profile and Interpersonal Dynamics. During the debriefing session we hope to focus on:

  • Dynamics between the team and leader and the effect of the leaders type on the team
    • Collective values and drivers that are likely to be important and present in the team
      • Enneagram style impact on relationships, thinking, tasks and goals
        • Unhealthy team behaviours and underdeveloped areas and types
          • Team Type Effect on Relationships, Thinking and Tasks
            • Traps and pitfalls that may be present or emerge for the team, given their main Enneagram Type
              • Impact of Type during the Team Development Stages – storming, forming, norming, and performing
                • The Team Stress and Strain Profile and Team Instinct Type