Enneagram Typing Cards Gift Pack

Enabling greater personal insights to help you thrive… no matter the language you speak

When you need to work with others, having a solid understanding of each individual’s internal strengths, concerns and motivators, will have a significantly beneficial impact on your ability to connect with them in a positive and productive manner.

But identifying those key internal qualities can be a challenge, especially when faced with barriers relating to language, education level, computer literacy or even location.

The Enneagram Typing Cards help you create a common language with others and provide a better way to connect at a deeper level, with more people.

Introducing the Enneagram Typing Cards

Multi Language Practitioner Packs
Containing all 9 Types included in the Enneagram, our Typing Cards provide an easily accessible means for Enneagram Practitioners to Type individuals who are non-English first language speakers, or who may be unable to complete an online Enneagram Test due to language or IT literacy limitations.
The Enneagram Typing Cards are…

  • Available in all South African languages, as well as a growing selection of African and international languages.
  • Created specifically to appeal to both left and right brain dominant individuals.
  • Designed to be visually engaging and easy to interpret.
    Inclusive of additional interactive materials, which support personal debriefs and group sessions.

Available Languages: English | Afrikaans | Xhosa | Pedi / Tswana | Zulu | Sotho | Shona | Ndebele | Portuguese

other languages on request…

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How the Enneagram Typing Cards Work

The Cards

Individuals: The Enneagram Typing Cards enable individuals with the support of an enneagram pratitioner, to identify their own Type in their native tongue in an interactive, visual way. The individual is encouraged to select cards from the pack of nine types provided, which most resonate with them, according to how they perceive themselves and respond to situations and events.

Teams: Enneagram Team Workshops are highly beneficial in enabling teams to understand the dynamics that motivate or challenge them. Team members together engage in a facilitated interactive session using both the cards and other interactive Enneagram materials, to explore the dynamics created by the combination of the various enneagram types. This brings understanding and awareness of what strengthens and weakens the team and how to leverage this knowledge to enable optimal, high performing teams.

The Mats

Through a combination of the Enneagram Typing Cards with the Enneagram Mats, discovery sessions become alive as individuals are able to make visual meaning of their newly found insights. A powerful somatic experience becomes possible for each team member.

Where the Enneagram Typing Cards may benefit you

Companies | Employees and Teams

By enabling a common language and approach within teams, the Enneagram Typing Cards not only help individuals understand their individual needs and motivators, but provide the opportunity for everyone to understand the dynamics of the entire team. This provides the means for teams and their managers to draw on their individual and collective strengths and chart a positive, productive way forward.

Diversity Work | Bridging Cultural Differences

Because the Enneagram Typing Cards are available in all of South Africa’s official languages (and many international languages as well) individuals are able to break through the traditional barrier of language and ethnic differences, to find common ground. By allowing individuals to fully understand one another, knowledge and ideas can more easily be shared and appreciated, while mutual respect and true teamwork is forged.

Therapy | Couples and Families

Each family represents a unique social system with its own structure and patterns of communication, which are influenced by its values and beliefs, as well as the personalities of all the individuals within the family. The Enneagram Typing Cards assist couples and families to both value and respect each of the Types found within the family, as well as define a family Type. This results in a far greater level of understanding within the family, and stronger, more supportive relationships.

Schools | Educators, Parents and Learners

The Enneagram Typing Cards provide both parents and educators with deep insights into their own Enneagram Types, as well as that of their children / learners. Using these insights, facilitates an environment in which learners are supported not only in learning, but also in developing self-esteem, positive self-expression and the tools of healthy conflict management and communication.

Counselling and Support | Bereavement, Divorce, Illness, Rape, Abuse, Disability

The Enneagram Typing Cards provide indispensable support for individuals, no matter their language, on their pre, post or current journey through trauma. By providing insight for the survivor or sufferer as to their Type, as well as that of their counsellors, care-givers, therapists and doctors – diagnoses, treatments, therapies and rehabilitation can be more accurately identified, which leads to greater support and healing.

Sav Goldridge, founder of CoachSav and an experienced South African Enneagram Practitioner and Transformation Coach, created her Enneagram Typing Cards in response to the dire need to find a means for people to connect in a country where cultural diversity, language barriers and education levels present a real challenge for Counsellors, HR Professionals and Educators.

Her paper and case study regarding the highly successful use of the Enneagram Typing Cards in a Multinational Organisational Cultural Diversity Project, was enthusiastically received by fellow Enneagram professionals at a 2016 International Enneagram Conference.

Sav intends that her Enneagram Typing Cards enable healing and transformation for people across the globe, as international communities and teams continue to see increasing cultural diversity.